Microsoft 365 Setup

Click on get started below to download and setup your Office 365. : Enter Product key : Microsoft 365/setup : Install Microsoft 365 setup

Click download and install Office at once you Sign In to Microsoft 365 account.

Make sure you have created the account; however, you can use OneDrive,, Skype, or Xbox Live accounts for Sign In. If you have not purchased the Microsoft subscription yet, then don’t worry, the will take you to the correct webpage. Also, you can download and install Microsoft 365 setup on Windows and Mac as well.

How can I create a Microsoft account?

You can create a Microsoft account from, but you can follow another quick method; check below;

  • Open link.
  • Or, in other cases, go to the Microsoft Cloud Partner site.
  • Here, look for “create a new account” and hit the tab.
  • Otherwise, click “Sign Up” and enter the email address linked to outlook or Skype. 
  • You can also use an activated mobile number in this process and hit Next.
  • Now, create a password and follow prompts to create a Microsoft account.

Enroll and Access Microsoft 365 at Microsoft 365/setup –

If you have the subscription to Office 365, then you can enroll and access it quickly. For that, you need to visit and Sign In to the Microsoft/outlook account. Then, enroll the keycode by entering the code and submit it. You can now follow prompts if you want to install the software; otherwise, leave the step later.

How to use the Microsoft 365 product key?

Visit Microsoft 365/setup to use the keycode. The Microsoft 365 product key is the 25 digits alphanumeric string that you can purchase from Microsoft store, other stores or get a retail card. Only purchasing the product key isn’t enough, hence locate the key and redeem it;    

1. Locate the keycode from the retail card’s backside or email or Microsoft store’s order history. 

2. Now, according to your purchase, visit or site.

3. Using the “Sign In” tab, login to Microsoft 365 account.

4. next, either type the keycode from retail cad or paste it directly.

5. Recheck the Microsoft keycode and follow prompts to redeem the key completely. 


Where can I download Office 365?

Microsoft 365/setup provides immediate steps to download Office 365 on your device if you have the Microsoft 365 subscription. You can now pursue the below steps to download Office 365 on your device;

1. Firstly, launch a web browser that is upgraded.

2. Secondly, visit the webpage.

3. Next, click on the blue “Sign in” tab.

4. Enter the Microsoft 365 account details and login.

5. Visit the home page from here and hit Office 365 install.

6. Type or paste the keycode and submit it.

7. Select the Microsoft 365 setup to download and wait.

Microsoft 365 Installation Guide – follow the easiest steps.

Follow the guidelines to install the Microsoft365 setup wizard on your PC, even if its Windows or Mac. You have to check and make sure that your device is meeting basic requirements with enough space. Then, follow the below instructions;

Microsoft 365 installation for windows –

  • Make sure you have completely downloaded the Microsoft 365 setup from the site.
  • Check the browser type and choose the option according to its Run, setup, Save File, or any other.
  • If it prompts User Account Control, then hit YES.
  • The installation is begun now, and wait until you see the notification of – You’re all set! The office is installed now.
  • You can play the animation appearing on the screen.
  • Now, close the tab and reopen the Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 installation for Mac –

  • Ensure you have macOS 10.13 or later versions.
  • The Microsoft file should be completely downloaded from the site.
  • Now, open and double click on the installer.pkg file.
  • Read Microsoft 365 license terms and hit continue to agree with terms.
  • Browse and choose the installation location, then click on the “install” button.
  • Once asked, enter the password of the Mac administrator.
  • Tap “Install Software” and get started with the software.


Once you completed the download from and installation process, then just after, you will require to activate the Microsoft 365 program. Therefore, follow steps to activate Microsoft 365;

Activation for Windows –

  • Open any of Microsoft app from the Start button on your windows device.
  • The license agreement will now prompt, so agree to these terms.
  • Once displayed, sign in to the Microsoft 365 account.
  • It will look for the subscription. Hence wait until you see activation completed.

Activation for Mac –

  • From Finder or dock and open Applications list.
  • Open Microsoft 365 app and click on Sign in option.
  • Enter the Microsoft account email and go NEXT.
  • Provide the password and hit on the SIGN IN tab.
  • Once it shows that the license is valid, Microsoft is activated.

How to set up Microsoft 365 business?

Create a business account that won’t allow going through; rather, you can follow the below steps;

  1. Sign up and login to your Office 365 business account 
  2. Add your site domain with this account.
  3. Then, Install Microsoft 365 Office on your systems.
  4. Now, set up Outlook and Import the email.
  5. Next, select a public website, then connect it to Microsoft office.

Is there any difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

Microsoft 365 is the new name of Office 365; therefore, you won’t find any difference. however, some new features may have added, which can be downloaded from Microsoft 365/setup to achieve more innovative Office apps and other services. It includes different plans for home, business and enterprise. 

Microsoft Contact Support –

If you want to access download and activation for subscribed Microsoft 365, you can directly visit and get started with the program. however, if you face any issues regarding download, activation, account renewal, subscription update or any other technical issue, you can get in touch with Microsoft Contact support. Drop an email or chat with the support team to get solutions.

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